Retail Transition

and Training Team

The Retail Transition and Training Team is a great asset to FCM and allows for an easy transition for all new Loan Originators.

Our Mission Statement:

“Providing dedicated service, training, and support to make you successful as quick as possible.”

Tailored Service

We tailor our transition service to each LO, you can still be the point of contact or turn the deal over to us

After Hours Support

We are available after 5pm and even on weekends

Team Aspect

You will be teamed up with an Account Manager for your transition loans, training, and ongoing support

Other Parts of the Team

We have our own processing team


Training on all FCM processes, procedures, and systems

Mobile App

Your Account Manager will provide you with their GoHuman mobile app to use in transition

When I came over, Angela was my transition contact! She was absolutely amazing!!!! She took the time to walk me through inputting an application and was extremely detailed and patient. I could not have started as quickly if it wasn’t for her!!!! She is still always available and happy to help if needed. ALSO -  Andy has been significant in the smooth transition and quick start. Andy has always been there when needed with a timely solution! I greatly appreciate Andy, Angela and the whole team!!!!! It was by far the smoothest transition I have ever made!!!

Frank S.Loan Originator

When I joined the FCM team I had a feeling of calmness, odd for the mortgage industry I know, but it’s the absolute truth. They are set up to assist you in every possible way starting with their retail transition team. They have several members on this team that jump in to assist you within seconds of emailing a request. Their level of knowledge of the Encompass program to be able to guide and train you if you are not experienced with the program (as I was not) blew me away. They are so patient and understanding and will take as long as you need to make sure you understand what you are doing. I have now been with FCM for 10 months and if something comes up they are still there to assist me day or night.

Michelle L.Loan Originator

The RT Team was and has been so very helpful in getting me up to speed since my hire date. Specifically, Angela has been my go to person for questions, help with files, or anything I was unsure of. The RT Team has made the move an easy one for me. They have made themselves accessible and have answered any questions I had. They have made the transition very easy,so I could focus on bringing in new loans which is such a great feeling! Thanks Andy, Angela, and the entire RT Team! You guys rock!

Matt F.Loan Originator